Business support

Business support

Establishment and registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

We will help You to create and register Your organization , together we will choose the types and specifics of the activity, the name of the organization,will form a complete list of documents to the registering authority. If you wish to independently submit and receive ready documents on the establishment of the organization of the registering authority.

Cost: 10 thousand.

Preparation of internal documentation of the organization

Prepare statutes, orders, employment contracts, policies, job descriptions, work rules, holiday schedules, staffing.

Cost: from 5 thousand rubles.

Trademark registration

Will help You register Your trademark (logo, brand): verbal, graphic or combined. Together You will choose the scope of a trademark,check on his identity.

Cost: from 24 thousand.

Contractual and claim work

Drafting of contracts, claims, preparation of claims, complaints, petitions, other legal documents

Price: from 2 thousand rubles.

Oral and written consultations

The issues of any complexity.
The oral consultation is free of charge. Written from 2 thousand rubles.

Recovery of receivables from counterparties

Provide legal analysis of counterparties and collecting from them debts. Allow pre-trial disputes, represent interests in the courts.

Cost: from 30 thousand rubles.

Comprehensive legal support of business.

  • Oral and written consultations on the current legislation;
  • Drafting of claims and responses to claims for the settlement of disputes in the pretrial order;
  • Drafting pleadings, complaints, petitions and other legal documents;
  • Legal due diligence, drafting and preparation of contracts;
  • Development of internal documentation of the organization (Statutes, decrees, contracts, provisions, job descriptions, work rules, vacation schedules, staffing)
Cost: from 15 thousand roubles
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