Labour dispute

Labour dispute

Disagreements between employers and employees happen quite often, and sometimes to resolve the conflict peacefully failed .

The employer does not pay the salary, does not give the work book for dismissal,offers to resign in case of pregnancy, avoids the employment contract, does not pay overtime - these and other problems are often the cause of labor disputes. Therefore, in the case of a conflict situation necessitates the assistance of a lawyer with knowledge and experience in resolving labor issues.

We can provide You with expert legal assistance in the following issues:
  • drafting and legal analysis of employment contracts and other personnel documents
  • the recognition of informal labour relations
  • reinstatement after illegal dismissal.
  • the penalty is not paid salary, bonus
  • disputes about the illegality of disciplinary and material liability
  • disputes about compensation of the harm caused by the employer
  • other violations of the rights of workers and employers;
  • writing claims, negotiations with the employer;
  • consultations on the questions of reception and dismissal, recommendations on how best to proceed and to issue the documents;
  • writing complaints, protocols of disagreements, lawsuits
  • representation in court;

Preparation of the claim, review the claim — from 2 000 rubles. 
The cost of making claims, protocols, complaints — from 2 000 rubles depending on the complexity of the case.
The cost of legal representation from 20,000 rubles, depending on the complexity of the case.
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