Consumer protection

Consumer protection

Bank disputes

We provide legal services in disputes with banks, individuals, organizations of all forms of ownership and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Alternative dispute resolution in banking (credit) issues.
  • Preparation of claims to the credit institution.
  • Prepare a statement of claim on Bank dispute the organization or individual.
  • Representation of legal and natural persons in court on banking disputes.
Price: from 20 thousand rubles.

Insurance disputes

The insurance company does not pay, or paid cash in insufficient amount to restore the car? 

Our organization will help You to receive the insurance indemnity in the largest size, and in the shortest possible time.
  • Disputes under contracts of CTP
  • Contract disputes, insurance (substandard repair stations)
Price: from 20 thousand rubles.

Disputes under contracts of retail purchase and sale and contracts for services

The product you bought was faulty, and the seller is not going to change on same or to return the money? If the wasted money, nerves and time are not included in Your plans, and have a desire to restore justice and to return the spent money, start to act immediately.

Our lawyers will help You in the following areas:
  • Termination of the contract of purchase and sale
  • The recovery of funds under the contract of sale;
  • Resolving disputes with the seller not to fulfil the terms of the contract of purchase and sale;
  • Resolution of disputes related to claims of the buyer to the quality and quantity of the transferred goods;
  • Pre-trial settlement of a dispute under the contract of sale;
  • Representation of client's interests in court.

Disputes with developers

  • Penalty, fine, moral damages from the Builder
  • Termination of the contract with the Builder
  • Representation of equity holders in the bankruptcy of the developer
  • Litigation on enforcement proceedings against the developer
  • Pre-trial dispute settlement with the developer
  • Representation of client's interests in court.

Cost: from 30 thousand rubles.

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