Land dispute

Land dispute

Our lawyers deal with the following types of land disputes:
  • land and property disputes connected with compensation of losses and harm caused by violations of land rights;
  • and property disputes arising from land relations (in particular, on the use and disposal of land);
  • land disputes arising from the violation or contestation of the rights of natural or legal persons to land, including right of possession, use and disposal of land.
We also contested the denial of land, restriction of land rights, expropriation, the violation of the boundaries of the land use.

Reduction of cadastral cost

Land owners pay land tax, which is directly dependent on the cadastral value of the plot. Often, the cadastral value is inflated, and differs from the market, resulting in an overpayment of land tax. 

We will help You to challenge the cadastral value and equate it to the market, thereby reducing the size of land tax.

Cost: from 30 thousand rubles

Legal examination and drafting of contracts in land transactions

We are engaged in legal support of transactions with land, drafting contracts of sale, lease, pledge and other contracts, as well as gather the necessary documents for registration of transactions in public bodies.
Cost: from 15 thousand roubles.
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